Wednesday, June 18

UFC "major announcement" set for todat at 3pm EST

It seems as if the waiting is finally going to be over. After about 10 of the craziest days the blogsphere has ever seen the UFC is set to finally make it know what the hubbub is all about !

This whole mess started when UFC pres Dana White made a statement to ESPN the mag. about a announcement that will quote "blow peoples minds and change the MMA business for the next 5 years".White made it known that the "deal" was done and even his employees did not know. He was renting a"secret location" to do his announcement and whatnot .

Well so far Dana has pushed back the "biggie" 2 times from 6-12 to 6-17 to 6-18.Dana is now going to do a national radio tour in "major markets" to talk about it . What does this mean for the sport ? Who knows ? There have been about 50 different rumors bandied about from the WWE buying the UFC to a network T.V. deal ( a big sticking point for just about everyone remotely interested in MMA).Another one is UFC using this to generate internet traffic and then announce the July 19th show .

all I know is that 3pm its either it's going to happen or not.Check back here to make your own judgment on it .

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