Tuesday, June 24

Palhares vs Henderson @ UFC 88 and other bits of interest

Reports from mma Kings 5ounces is that Hendo is back at 185 for UFC 88 in "Hotlanta". This is a real test for Hendo as Palhares is no joke. Hendo has a sledgehammer right and world class wrestling , Palhares is a BJJ black belt from B.T.T. I like Hendo in this fight as of right now, but that could change.

There is also a rumor flaoting that Tim Boetsch is on the card as well. Boetsch is best remembered for his utter mauling of David Heath at UFC 81.

Looks like Wandy is heady back to the cage in October, stories swirling have him fighting T. Silva. There is a interesting sub story about this matchup It appears that Wandy was first offered a fight with Lyoto Machida in what would sure be a battle for the #1 contender spot. ....its becoming apparent that nobody is all that excited about facing Machida. This poses a good question though .... whats next for Machada ? , to me its down to about 3 peeps ... Chuck, Shogun, or maybe Jardine. If I was a 205'er I would steer clear of him. I would not want to be out pointed by him on tv ...He makes people look bad plain and simple

and speaking of looking bad, Nick Diaz is getting fed his Tomatoes! Word is K.J. and him will have to wait to squash there little rift. Diaz is now rumored to fight the "wild man" Thomas Denny. Just another big screw up by everybodys favorite slimeball Gary Shaw

Speaking of Shaw MMA Payout is reporting that he is about to get "shit canned" . I think the only people that would be upset about that would be him and his douchebag son. These are 2 of the most unsavory peeps in the buisness. Ole Gary boy has been scum since he started in boxing promotion(the single most crooked enterprise outside of bensonhurst ave. ) Now dont go getting all self righteous on me least you forget that just as recent as the 5-31 EXC card Jared Shaw was trying to influence the ref in the Kimbo-Thompson fight repeatedly calling for a stand up when Thompson was in side control.... side friggin control..Oh and he did get his wish also ...here is wishing his track suit antics are ova !

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