Monday, June 23

Weekend Re-Cap

Ok ...So the TUF finale was not the best fights ever put on TV but there was certainly enough action to go around. I thought the night went pretty much as expected with only a few surprises playing out.

I guess when I had to give my performance of the night, it would go to Hazelett. That was one of the sweetest finishes I have ever seen. If you missed it check out here @ for a free video of the fight. Burkman is a tough out for anyone and he seemed on his game Saturday night.What really caught my attention was the post fight interview where Dustin talked about Brazilian Jui Jistu "theory" ? A arm bar from a wizzer is a sick transition . To be honest I have never seen that before and after watching the replay a few hundred times I am even more impressed.

I was also impressed with Kendall Grove. I thought he was very focused and aggressive for the entire course of the fight. Tanner on the other hand was slow and hesitant. I think a couple of undercard fights would have done him well before moving up to the top of the food chain. Then again I am sure the UFC is not paying him to fight cans.He will be a interesting story to watch from here on out, but when isnt Tanner interesting? Tanner is different breed to say the least. You can follow his amazing story here !

Diego looked good but, to me it seemed that Luigi was very much in this fight. I think Luigi could stand to drop to 155, he looked very soft through the mid-section and gassed early( although that is not uncommon against Diego).

On to the TUF finale. I was not to thrilled by the match up to start with after watching Amir sub C.B. in the semi's. Amir is only going to get better and could be a real player in the 185-170 range within 2 years. He is smart, crafty, has tons of heart and can finish fights.

C.B. on the other hand should find a new camp ASAP! To loose by the same move to the same guy within 3 months shows me something is lacking . C.B., coming from a all-american wrestling background would seem to have the higher pedigree but it hasnt worked out . Alot is made about wrestling being the best background for MMA. I think it is, to a extent. I think it is to mid to upper level wrestlers, but to the elite it can pose some mental road blocks that most cannot overcome. The elite wrestlers seem to take longer to add different elements to the game. If he does not have KO power, then they are susceptible to being ko'ed or subbed as most fights go to the judges. Where as the mid level wrestler has the great core attributes of wrestling ( mental toughness, stamina, desire, heart, discipline, excellent takedowns and defense) but they are still free mentally to adapt to new things.

Enough ranting about styles for the rest of the card it went according to plan ... McFedries by KO, Lister by choke and Brown both by TKO. The Creduer fight never happened because of him taking a.d.d. meds ? Tim is the guy you cheer your heart out for but cant seem to get over the "hump" . I seem as a Josh Haynes type fighter .

and now

"The Moment of Truth"

7 wins
2 loses
5 of 7 wins predicted with the proper finish although some rounds were wrong(Sanchez & Amir)

other things of interest from this weekend

  • UFC heavyweight champ in exile Randy Couture's wife took the beatin of a lifetime in her pro debut look no further than this pic (carefull very rough )courtesy of sherdog.
  • The UFC and THQ have released the first trailer from their upcoming video game and it looks sick .(thanks to my friends and undisputed "kings of MMA" 5 ounces of pain!
  • Jake Shields has signed to fight Nick"the goat"Thompson on the upcoming EXC card in late July .
  • Look for Karo Parisyan to return at UFC 87 against Yoshiyuki Yoshida after dropping 2 in a row
  • The UFC announced that they are going back across the pond this time to Birmingham . Possible fighters include Bisping (of course) Dan Hardy for his UFC debut. There was also a speculation that A.Silva/ Okami fight was going down then. Look for that fight to happen if Anderson wins on the 19th

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