Thursday, June 19

TUF 7 Finale Predictions

Main Event
Tanner vs. Grove

The Story Line :
This has the makings of either a great fight or a dud. I can see it being a real battle or a one sided affair . Both fighters have the ability to dominate and to be dominated. I am super excited to see how it plays out. In order for Tanner to win he needs to get going fast.Tanner was unsuccessful in his much talked about return from a 3 year existential journey. Tanner is a well liked fighter who at one time was the 185lb champ. He has a world class wrestling ability and long time veteran of the fight game. His opponent Grove is a previous TUF winner. Kendal has been on a 2 fight down slide getting knocked out in one and TKO'ed in the other,particularly the K.O. against Cote. I think if Tanner doesnt come out and keep the pressure on Grove will tap him. Tanner is not the most mentally tough fighter so if he gets down early the pressure could crush him. Both fighters are equal in stricking. The ground game is a classic wrestler/bjj match up with the slight edge going to Tanner. This fight will be one and lost in the takedowns. If Tanner is unsuccessful in his takedowns I think he will loose the fight. Grove showed good takedown defense againt Belcher but Tanner is better by far at takedowns.

Tanner by G&P pd. rd.3

TUF 7 Finale
Sadollah vs. C.B.

the story line
Rematch of the semifinal bout in which Amir subbed CB with a armbar. That fight was a toss up and this one will not be. I see them both being decent UFC fighters with the difference being Amir having fight ending ability. Dolloway is better at takedowns and wrestling. I think with Amir having time to train specifically against CB's gameplan will be the difference. CB is a classic G&P fighter, where his problem is that he hasn't shown KO power. Without being able to close out fights he has his work cut out for him from here on out. I could be wrong about this but I don't think so. I think Amir stuffs the takedowns better in this fight CB gasses out and Amir by TKO or submission guillotine or rear naked .

Sadollah by rear naked rd. 3

Sanchez vs Fioravanti

The Storyline :
Sanchez season one TUF winner has went 1-2 in last 3 fights. He looked sharp in his last 2 fights going 1-1 with the loss coming by way of split decision against the #1 ranked contender Jon Fitch. Luigi owns the same exact 1-2 record with one of the losses coming to Fitch as well. The difference being that Diego has fought and beaten a much higher level of fighter. I see this fight being a one sided mashing by Diego all the way. I think he is going to overwhelm Luigi and pound him out in the first round. I can see several way this fight can go and all of them tell me that Sanchez is the winner.
Prediction :
Sanchez by TKO strikes Rd.1

Rest of the fights:

I am taking Spencer Fisher in a close and exciting fight. I am also taking Burkman in what is lining up to be a war. There is a ton on the line for both of these fighters. I predict this fight will make it to the televised portion of the show. Look for McFeddries to win by KO, Matt Brown and Dean Lister to win by tapout due to strikes.Lastly Tim Creduer to win by unanimous decision.


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