Saturday, July 5

UFC 86 Predictions

UFC light heavyweight Title

Rampage vs. Forrest

Forrest is revered for his heart and stamina but will it be enough to carry him ? I am not sure that when Jackson is properly motivated and trained for a fight that he can be beat. I have seen the losses that he has suffered and its clear that he has been a different fighter since joining the UFC .
Forrest has few ways to win this fight, Rampage has many. I am not so sure that this doesn't turn out like his fight vs Tito Ortiz . He was unable to get the dominant position and could not finish in the stand up. Has Forrest improved enough ? Is just the shear mass of his heart that will carry him? There are very few factors that can match up to that.

I think Rampage comes out blazing and tries to overwelhm Griffin. Rampage has maybe 3 rounds to put Forrest out, after that if Forrest is anywhere within a active pulse he wins. I predict Forrest does not make it .

Rampage by TKO rnd 2

Cote vs. Almeida

I think Cote KO's Ricardo in the 1st round. Cote is on a mini tear here it doesn't stop tonight. Look for him to win and get Yushin Okami in the near future for a shot at the title.

Stevenson vs. Tibau

Look for Jo-daddy to come out methodical and set the pace. Daddy will enforce the rules of the game to Tibau. Stevenson by sub. (RNC) rnd 2

Koscheck vs. Lytle

A fight with lots of hype that will not live up to it . Koscheck will take lytle down and not finish him. His lay pray against lytle's defensive mentality will drawl this one out .
Koscheck via unanamous descion

Griffin vs. Aurelio
Griffin will overpower Aurelio in the stand up game. Look for Griffin to win via tko rnd. 1

In the other fights I like Gonzaga , one a side note this fight should have been put on the main card. People like seeing the heavies. I like Gurgel, and Guillard also.

One other point. I wish that if they where not going to show more fights that the half hour prefight show was worth a damn. This is a big sticking point with me . If the UFC want to continue with the promotion of their product they should develop other way of making money outside of the fights themselves.

Think of the NFL pregame shows. Imagine the same thing with MMA . The UFC not being on a major network is hurting the development of the sport. So why not do a nice half hour prefight show with expert analysis and predictions. They could mend alot of fences and sell advertising. They dont even have the fights on network TV. Do a Saturday night pregame show on ABC as a lead in to the PPV . Then in turn, start the PPV portion a 1/2 hr earlier so the fans get to see more fights on the PPV .

This would please the hardcore fight fans and generate a good vibe about their product. The lead in show could be funded by a influx of ad dollars(Harley D or Bud Light ?) and how about the UFC sign a deal with Underarmour ? Those 2 companies where made for each other.

I am almost done my third installment on the MMA state . I am sorry for the delay in posts but its the 4th in my town and it get very busy round here .

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