Thursday, July 10

Week In Review

Ok so its been a little bit but here goes..

UFC 86 was not all that it was cracked up to be . It had spirited moments and high drama. The Premier Belt in all of MMA was on the line. The title fight was more than memorable but, the rest of it wasn't. Lets look at the undercard

Guillard via beatdown, same with Gonzaga. Cole miller had a nice win over Gurgel, who is just about done for. Stevenson withstood a onslaught Tibau to catch him in a guillotine
choke. Cote won a close fight that was very dull. Koscheck made a mess of Lytle's face and head. The elbows from half guard were nothing short of brutal. Tyson Griffin looked strong in his win also .

The title fight was exciting and not without controversy. I had the fight for Forrest but, only by a little. I think the second round was the difference. Jackson inability to get up cost him the fight. Forrest did not punish him at all from that position. The easiest way to describe it almost as riding time in wrestling. Neither fighter is doing much but one is holding a Superior position over the other. I would also think that Forrest pressing the action contributed to the win. Rampage by far the more effective striker. All in all it has the ability to end up as one of the top 3-4 fights of the year.

I went 6-2 on my picks loosing on the big one and Cole Miller. not bad

On a personal note I had no idea that the affliction is using a ring instead of a cage. This is a huge , ginormous , monumental let down for me. I know that there has been tons of underground hype for this thing but, come on a ring ? I mean for real a frigging ring ? I prefer the cage any day of the week. I think that the ring interferes with the fights to much. It promotes stoppages , and slows the pace of the fights. The cage on the other hand allows for a more fluid fight. I believe the cage is the primary reason for most of the first time fighters who are ranked do so poorly.

Other Notes
There is a awesome Dana White interview floating around.

The UFC is countering EXC on the 26th with a re-run of UFC 84 and a rebroadcast of the 19th Silvia vs. Irvin show which is being hailed as a 3 hr 6 fight show! That is super sweet for all us cheapskates that are not forking over 40 bones to affliction. (dude it's in a ring?)

Gary Herman over at 5 Ounces was all over it last weekend with a few classic quotes from D.W.

Borat competed in MMA in Arkansas in June. It is said that it was part of a untitled movie that he has coming out. It seems as if our friend was up to his old high jinx again

Less than 2 weeks till the first salvo of a major battle and the hype is flying. I gotta tell ya I was seriously considering buying the affliction show, but Dude, in a Ring ?

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