Tuesday, July 15

Rampage Arrested!


Can you friggin'believe it ?? Word on the street big boppers is that Rampage has done when on well a Rampage! This is a bad time to be messing up. The sport is just starting to gain traction. The shocking news was confirmed by 5 ounces of pain's senior writer Sam Caplan. Here is a sweet link to some candid photos

This immediately gets my mind spinning to the ramifications this will have on the premier division in the sport. The UFC 205lb crown is the most revered title in MMA.Now with the #1 contender facing felony charges the UFC has some serious moves to make . Wandy, Machida, T.Silva ? The summer swell is just starting to form.

On other notes the big weekend battle lines are set Big A vs. UFN ! The story should begin to unfold pretty soon after the skirmish. Spike's TV overnight ratings will be available within a day. The PPV buy rate will take a little longer. The Affliction card is stacked no doubt but, there is a question mark with everyone of there fighters ....Fedor included. The lack of real star power is a major question mark in my mind. Fedor is unproven, in his North American debut he did less than 50k ppv buys . His Bodog fight did less than 15k. Timmy is respected but dull , there is no doubt about his skill set and toughness, its his style that has rubbed people the wrong way. Andre ? well he lost to Timmy twice and I for one can attest to the fact no one in ther right mind wants to see that crap .

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