Wednesday, November 26

Back from Hiatus

Ok I know its been a while folks. I have been through 2 different jobs and in the mists of a move as we speak but I am back in the saddle .... so where to start ...alot has happened in the past few months but the basics are this

1 Randy is back in the UFC and promptly got KTFO'ed by Brock for the belt up for Brock is the winner of the Big Nog/ Mir fight in Dec.

2. EXC is out of buisness do in no small part to Kimbo getting KO'ed by a journeyman fighter that jumped up from LHW

3. Anderson Silvia is still the best fighter in the world

4. GSP and BJ are throwing down in January in what has to be the best fight in MMA history

5. Uriah Faber got TKO'ed when he missed a crazy flying back elbow on Mike Brown

6. Sugar Rashad turned the Iceman into his own personal highlight real

7. Affliction has had it's share of woes and cheers first they cancelled a show in Nov. and now have a sure fire prime time match-up in Fedor v. AA

8. and lastly but certainly not leastly Gina Carano is still hot as HELL !!!

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