Monday, December 1

Weekend Wrap!

Ok. this weekend totally blew for MMA fans .....No fights no real news ...unless the UFC getting a tv deal in Germany does something for you ???not me ....and as far as that goes why the UFC still is not on network tv for atleast a once a year special or something is beyond me ? They could put on a once a year with a few fledling stars ( chuck ?? randy ??? hughes ??? vera???) that would draw the average fan with name recognition and load the bulk of the card with up and comers ??

next as for fledgling stars it looks like chuck v. randy is loosing steam by the second ... seems both sides are not to keen on the fight according the good folks over at Bloody ELbow

as for the rest of the weekend not much except that Dana says that GSP could fight Anderson if he beats BJ ... nice nugget but not something that i could base a weekend off of !

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