Tuesday, December 9

Random Rants

ok so it's been slow for the past week ...

The WEC show on the 3rd was so-so I guess Torres is bad-ass no doubt but aside from that it was a flat show as far as I am concerned. Mir was good which always surprises me cause he is a uber-douche on TUF ! The part about kicking in the front door with the straight kick had my girl and I rolling. Maybe editing can do that to a guy who knows ...

Reports are coming in from the far east that Bigfoot Silva will forgo the suspension from the CSAC and compete in Sengoku! who can blame him after the debacle that the CSAC has been

Looks like another blow to start-up fight org Affliction. Golden-Boy has schedule a mega fight right across the street and on the same night as there big jan 24th hoopla ! ouch ! I thought that was this big mega-merger .. I dont know about you but if I am being a partner with someone I am not going to do something to directly hurt there/my event am I ?????

Kimbo is going to do some color work for k-1 in the future , good for him!

Fight for the troops is wednsday night so tune and help out. The UFC is really stepping up for this one and so should we !

I will have a post on my fight predictions later on tonight so check back in the morning

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